Linea Olvidada, 2015
Text, tattoo, inkjet print on photographic paper, scratched mini-DVD, slide-show
Dimensions variable

Linea Olvidada is my diploma work at CEPV. During four years, I travelled every day on the train to go from Geneva, where I live, to school in Vevey.

I decided to think about this landscape that I hardly noticed during my everyday ride. The first step of this work was a tattoo. I asked a professional to ink my body with the shape of the route (Genève-Vevey). The second step was walking this way (90km) in one day, with a camera mini-DVD. During this walk I recorded the landscape in a way completely subjective fashion.

After the walk I scratched the mini-DVD on which the rushes were recorded with the same line of my tattoo. This scratch causes bugs like freeze-frame. For each freeze-frame I made a still. There are 71 stills.

This work is exhibited with the protocol, a photographic documentation about the tattoo on my arm, the mini-DVD scratched, and a slide-show with these 71 stills.

I was interested in confronting myself with a landscape for which I didn’t have interest anymore. It’s a physical confrontation with this landscape by this big walk effort, but it’s a way of re-evaluating how commuting defines us in a world that is extremely connected.