Solo exhibition
Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil-Jona
26.8 - 5.11.2018

I thought this exhibition as a village square, I considered not only its architectural codes but also its social dimension by integrating external participants in the creative process. The objects presented resulted from an exchange with people : a collaboration with my father, friends, or with other Yvan from Geneva.

Moreover, the collection of objects is an attempt at freezing a gesture related to a territory appropriation : put some sand in a bottle, hang Polaroïds with chewing-gum, place two benches face to face, or block the access to the windows with fences.

All these objects are intermined in a soundpiece coming out of an iPhone charging on the floor. In this piece, a woman speaks about the exhibition in a subjective way, deporting from vague explanations about the project given months before the opening. This perspective is confronted to the actual exhibition. In a way, information is transmitted and shaped orally, like in a village square.

With the support : Pro Helvetia, ville de Genève, République et canton de Genève, la ville de Meyrin and the Fondation Oertli Stiftung