Three Picasso in a district of banks and in front of an art school, 2017
Three Citroën Xsara Picasso parked side by side
Dimensions variable  

The Citroën Xsara Picasso is the first car that I used when I was learning how to drive. It was my father’s car, but he sold it several years ago. One day, he found it for sale in a car centre and he sent me a picture. That’s the beginning of this work. This car model also happens to be at the beginning of a lot of stories about legacy. For example, Claude Picasso sold his father’s signature to Citroën in 1998.

What is more, I was interested in the relationship between the artist and the merchant. This work was a part of my diploma project at the HEAD-Genève and at that moment I was wondering how to live and earn money as an artist. This project took place in the district of banks and in front of one of the building of the art school. From our studios we could peak at the offices of several businesses and banks. All these issues were embodied by these cars parked outside.